Florama's jewelry is all-natural, handmade using Tagua seeds sustainably harvested from Colombia’s rainforest. 

Using the Tagua seed as our raw material, we believe in fun, natural fashion, blending great design with eco-consciousness.

From palm Tree ...

Tagua palm with fruit

... To Fruit ...

Tagua fruit dry

... To Seeds ...

Tagua seeds dry

... To Beads

Tagua Jewelry

The Process

Tagua (tah.gwah) is a seed that sprouts to become a palm tree throughout Colombia's rainforest. These palm trees produce the Tagua fruit which is collected when ripe to harvest its fresh seeds. These Tagua seeds are set to dry for 6 to 9 months to lose all their moisture and become rock solid, resembling ivory in color, texture and hardness, hence their nickname: "Vegetable Ivory". These hard seeds are polished in a tumbler, cut, dyed and shaped into beautiful beads that become sustainable and organic jewelry for Florama's natural collection.

Tagua seeds are sustainable by helping the effort of rainforest preservation: by supporting its use and protecting these palm trees we provide a good alternative to cutting down rainforests to give way to farming and cattle.

Tagua as "vegetable ivory" also helps to raise awareness about the current eradication of African Elephants which are being killed by the tens of thousands each year for their ivory. Botanical ivory is a logical and humane alternative to help save our tusked friends.