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Tagua Nut and Makana Wood Pipe, Handmade

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Handmade using Makana wood for the stem and dried tagua nut (aka vegetable ivory) for the chamber. A lathe is used to achieve the elongated shape of the cylinder. Very cool, practical, and uncommon, makes the perfect gift. A stylish utensil for your tobacco products. They are all-natural: sustainable, organic, vegan and biodegradable. Each pipe is unique, like a snowflake, slight variations in color, shape and size are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Individual uniqueness is guaranteed.
  • All-natural: Vegan and organic
  • lightweight, portable and convenient
  • Makes the perfect gift
  • Materials used: Tagua seeds (vegetable ivory) and Makana wood
  • Naturally eco-friendly and biodegradable.
When ripe, tagua seeds are harvested and dried for 6 to 9 months. After losing all their moisture they become rock solid resembling ivory in color, texture and hardness, hence their nickname: “Vegetable Ivory”. At this point the hard seeds can be polished, dyed, cut and shaped into beautiful beads that become Florama’s natural jewelry.

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